External Canvas Project with IU Kokomo

Markland Mall Works with Indiana University Kokomo to Create Vibrant Exterior Art Mural

This extension of The Canvas Project will create a lasting, unique piece of art for years to come


Kokomo, IN [6/17/2021] – Markland Mall is working with the New Media, Art, and Technology (NMAT) program at Indiana University Kokomo to add color, texture and vibrancy to outdoor spaces for the community to enjoy as part of The Canvas Project.  

Through the Canvas Project, local artists have a space to showcase their art within a prominent area. While celebrating and supporting local artists is at the heart of The Canvas Project, it also provides an opportunity for the community to connect and grow together through art, emotion and imagination.

“Local artists make our community vibrant,” said Jay Greenberg, General Manager at Markland Mall. “Their use of subjects, color, texture and composition awaken a sense of curiosity and connection to the world around us. The Canvas Project supports our local arts culture, while providing an opportunity for our community to grow together. We will spotlight the class’s talent with live, in-person and in-progress work on display right outside.”

Markland Mall wanted this artwork to be highly visible to the community and guests. Because of that, the mural is planned to go on a south-facing wall, which will be visible along State Road 931. Markland Mall has worked closely with the class and Assistant Professor of New Media and Fine Arts, Aaron Pickens. Students pitched several designs using the concept of “Welcome to Kokomo”.

The winning design was created by Mara Fivecoate, a junior at IUK who is pursuing a career in art therapy. Her design successfully captured the history of the region and elements of present-day Kokomo through a vintage sensibility. The intent of the design was to express a sense of pride of living in Kokomo, while also making a visually impactful mural that is an inviting attraction.

The community will see a few different phases of The Canvas Project. Initially, vibrant blocks of color will be placed in spaces where the mural will be going. The class started installing a mural in that space this week. Sunbelt Rentals has donated the use of equipment throughout the project, which is expected to be completed by the middle of August 2021.

 Winning Design:

Welcome to Kokomo Mural